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Merri Bee Organic Farm
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Nourishing Soils
September 27th ad 28th 2014 Filling.  download

Sour Dough bread making TBC
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Merri Bee Organic Farm courses let you experience the alive taste of food as it is meant to be, and find ways to make smaller footprints on the Earth

Join Stewart and Bee on the farm at Nannup, Western Australia, for “hands on” learning.

Equip yourself with vital skills necessary for sustainable living and peak oil. During our seminars you will gather knowledge from a couple who have provided most of their own meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, herbs, condiments, bread and dairy produce for over 25 years and are keen to share their experience in soil creation, seed saving, moon planting, rainwater harvesting, animal husbandry and energy efficient building with you!

Care for your family’s health, fertility and intellect, and simultaneously care for our beautiful planet.

If you are ready to withdraw your support from multinational agribusiness / pharmaceutical corporations come and do a course. If you refuse to eat GMOs, pesticides, food additives, nanno particles, hormones, irradiation, antibiotics , and the rest that Industrial food corporations are serving up to us , if you want no part of the absurd amount of plastic packaging on food and want to get back to eating compost grown plants which resist pest and disease and in turn give animals and us a happy healthy life, come and learn some forgotten skills.


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Each course is different  so follow the links to further details. Our payment policy is outlined here: Student sign up info here